Rhiannon Leigh
What a life saver – love this company!
I’ve been using them the past month to transport my teen to his different camp locations. He really likes everyone who has driven him. They are always on time, very responsive, and really nice. I had a last minute schedule change and they were able to make it work. Highly recommend!

Lindsey Kunz
Our family loves this company! I have never even had a minor issue with them. Even when something comes up last minute they are willing to work with you and help you make something work! I would recommend them to anyone! As a parent things get tough sometimes and to have a company that is so caring and so reliable is a lifesaver! Thank you Tots 2 Teens!

Srividhya Kulandaivel
We have been using services from Tots2Teens since July 2016. Scott and Heather along with other drivers have been amazing and handle kids with lots of patience. Thanks for all the help!! Special thanks to Scott,Lonnie and Eugene for being so kind and accepting!!

Jackie Wright
Awesome! No more stressing on how to get back and forth to school. Highly recommend this service. Only wish I would have found out about it sooner.

Jen Franzen
This company is so great!!!! I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I didn’t have this company….so glad they are doing this…..its great help for sure!!! Trustworthy as well!!! My son loves it!!! Worth the time and $$ for sure!!!!

Kelly Maag-Fuessel
I highly recommend this company and the family, who were beyond helpful and so kind to work with!!! They are by far the most honest and reliable, ride you can ask for! When it comes to your most precious cargo, this service will go above and beyond to help with your child’s transportation need’s!!! I will absolutely go straight to Tots2Teens Transport for any and all future need’s!! Thank you again Scott, Heather and Kelsi!

Tori Langhammer
đŸ™‚ Feeling grateful!

Ever been on the struggle bus wondering how you’re going to get your kids to school because you have to work earlier than they have to be there? Ever want your kids to participate in more activities but you don’t know how they’re going to get to the practices or get home? Have you ever wished you had someone that could pick your kids up sick from school because you’re at work? What about practices that are after school and you’re still at work? Have you ever left your kids because you forgot they were at a practice due to difficulty keeping up with all of your calendar events? Let me say my prayers were answered when I met Heather Walker!Tots2TeensTransport is truly a lifesaver for the parent who is trying to do all they can and don’t want children walking on busy streets or bumming rides off strangers or taking the city bus.

April Davis
Tots 2 Teens is a blessing!! Heather and Scott are amazing people!! My son looks forward to getting picked up for school every morning! Such a blessing not to have to stress about how I’m going to get him to school and picked up for early outs.