What type of service do you offer?
We offer a safe reliable ride for children only. All of our drivers will undergo a background check and driving history check to ensure safety.

How do I get a ride for my child?
Step 1: Simply fill out the registration form and transportation contract which is available on the website; you can download forms directly from this website, fill them out, save and email them back to us at heatherd3872@yahoo.com. Another option is downloading Adobe Scan; this allows you to use cellular device to snap a picture and automatically generates a PDF file you can send.

Step 2: Our routing specialist will get back to you with rates, and finalize details prior to transportation.

Step 3: A one time registration fee is required; this can be paid by cash or check. We prefer using our accounting system; we will send you an invoice the first week of transportation or after Steps 1 & 2 are completed.

What if the driver cannot find my child?
Children should be ready 5 minutes before scheduled pick up. Drivers cannot leave children unattended in vans to walk kiddos to the door. However, we can offer a courtesy call from our dispatcher. If for any reason we are scheduled to pick your child up and we have not be notified that services are not needed that day; you will still be charged the cost of transport.

How do I cancel a reservation?
We ask that you notify us as soon as possible; if the driver is in route to pick up/drop off we will still charge the standard rate for that transport.

What if I only need service one time?
The registration fee will still apply in addition to the charge of the trip.