Effective  August 15, 2022 for  2022-2023 school year

Single Trip      

Charge per trip $10

One Way $50  (5 trips one way)

Round Trip $100  (10 trips am and pm)

Sibling rate same place and time (2 children)

One way $75 (5 trips one way)

Round Trip  $150 (10 trips am and pm)

No Show/No Call –  $20 will be enforced if we are not given notice

Field Trip Rate

15 passenger van…50.00/hr
12 passenger van…45.00/hr

Additional Fees

Registration fee…25.00
Wait time fee (over 5 min.)… 15.00
Over 5 miles will be charged 2.00 per mile.

Multiple Child(ren)

Siblings will be charged half rate if transported to the same place and time. Special rates apply to multiple children on a case by case basis.